Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint

Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint 1.3

It is an plug-in which allows you to quickly create custom color themes
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Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint allows you to quickly create custom color themes.
You can choose any of the twelve available theme combinations, where you can specify any of the twelve colors available. The best thing about this is that you will not need to edit the XML code in order to create or modify your color themes.

The program will add itself to the "Tools" tab in your PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. Once you open a presentation, you must click on "Create Swatch Slide". By doing this you will create color swatch slides for every design in the presentation, that will be located at the top of the deck. This slide will also have twelve empty custom color shapes, with no fill. Once you created the swatch, you can save your customized color theme, creating your own color set. You can save a file with the name you like more. You will be later able to access this customized color theme to use it in other presentations, choosing it from the Colors drop down on the Design tab or in the master view Colors drop down.

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